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Atmananda Yoga Mat

Atmananda NYC

$80.00 Regular price $95.00

Featuring our patented Alignment concept and improved with PREMIUM GRIP, NATURAL RUBBER, ECO FRIENDLY 100% Natural Rubber, Safe for your body and the environment.

The Atmananda Yoga Mat is GREAT FOR ALL STYLES AND LEVELS OF YOGA – This mat will help both new yoga practitioners all the way up to experienced yogis

The EDUCATIONAL ALIGNMENT LINES help you learn where to place your hands and feet in yoga poses. Our Yoga mats are designed to correspond to your height. The Atmananda Yoga Mat is 3mm thick and features three sizes:

  • Small, 24" wide x 64"long. For people 5'2" and below.
  • Medium,  24" wide x 68"long. For people 5'3" to 5'6".
  • Large,  24" wide x 72" long. For people 5'7" and above.

The Atmananda Yoga Mat Nonslip, gripping rubber material helps you strengthen your wrists while practicing. All black with lines laser in.

Practicing PROPER ALIGNMENT helps you to really open your body, protects your knees, hips and other joints and calms your mind. This also helps with the achievement of advanced yoga poses.