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Jhon Tamayo

Jhon Tamayo was born in 1967 in the south of Colombia. At the young age of 13, he left home in search of his true self. John began traveling throughout South America, where he had the opportunity to meet and embrace countless people, with whom his experiences would later prove to be pivotal in his journey to discover a deeper understanding of life in a raw, organic form. Jhon created the Atmananda Yoga Sequence in 1994 after he saw many yoga students in New York City injuring themselves, and realized that this was a result of other various yoga styles paying little attention to alignment in their teachings. He created the sequence in such a way that equips yoga practitioners with the tools they need to become more conscious about which movements may be the source of their aches and pains, and learn how to adjust their practice in order to prevent future injuries.
Jhon Tamayo

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Atmananda International
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Caroline MannaertsCaroline Mannaerts
00:48 22 Jun 23
I love Pauline's sound healing classses! She is an intuitive healer. When I take her classes, I feel my anxiety and the tension held in my body melt away. All emotions flow through me and I cling to none of them. This is the effect of a skillful instructor who sets a container forhealing to occur.
Ellie DurangoEllie Durango
21:41 18 Jun 23
Sound healing with Pauline was very relaxing and wonderful. I truly enjoyed it. It was so peaceful and calming. I will definitely be coming back every week.
Pauline SaadePauline Saade
15:30 09 Apr 23
Nice place ! They offer NEW INTRO SPECIALS! So take a look at the website because they offer something for everyone ( Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Yoga Teacher Training (200/500HR) In-Person, Aerial Yoga, Flexibility and Stretch, Gentle Chair Yoga- For seniors, Kids Yoga & Mindfulness, Qi Gong)They also hold community gatherings which I attended today for the first time. It was terrific!!! I was so happy to see that they offer Ayurveda and energy healing sessions.
Paloma BalbuenaPaloma Balbuena
19:09 22 Feb 23
Classes and teachers are amazing, after taking my first class I decided to enroll in the 300 hrs teacher training to deepen my practice and knowledge in yoga, the quality of the classes, teaching and techniques is excellent, Jhon definitely takes his students to another level, I highly recommend this place.So grateful I found this beautiful community 🤍
Antoine “Switz”Antoine “Switz”
22:52 21 Feb 23
I started my Yoga training there in September '22 and it's been an amazing journey. I love Jhon's and Angelica teachings and they make everyone feel like they are family. The Atmananda yoga mat is by far the best mat I've ever used. It's designed to provide the proper alignment according to the users height, taking all the guess work out of whether your feet\hands are the correct distance apart. I've been doing the Atmananda sequence for a couple of months, and have seen an amazing improvement in mobility, flexibility and lost a ton of weight in the process (~15 pounds). Now with the inclusion of the juice bar and Triboro Vegan I can't get enough. Must visit!